Monday, June 2, 2008

Full Swing

I'm sorry. I was just reading the first lines of my last post. Did I say things were slowing down??

Can you hear me laughing out loud??

I am in full Operation Graduation mode. After some attempts to dissuade me, the Principal gave me permission to discuss with E's teacher possible graduation ceremony ideas. Little did she know......!!
I went straight from the Principal's office to E's classroom, ran down my list of ideas with the teach, and set up a schedule of sorts for getting things started. We hit 7 (yes SEVEN) stores after school looking for a coupla certain items.
Miss A and I were back up at the school on Friday for 3 hours on our own (Miss A did AMAZINGLY well!) to kick off the first things on my to do list.
We were back up there for FOUR hours today. This time I was smart and recruited two moms (one strategically sought out for her 3 1/2 yr. old daughter :)! ) And we were able to knock out some big things.
The girls and I stayed after school to cut strips and squares to make caps. I brought home shirts and iron ons that the teacher printed out. And the teacher...she is just as excited about this (if that's possible) as I am! She told me she was printing up diplomas over the weekend and made a special trip up to the school to look up all the kiddos middle names, so the diplomas look "official". How cute!

So I think we'll pull it off. The class will sing a song, they'll get their diplomas and special gift we've been working on. They have class shirts that we've made to wear instead of gowns. And they'll walk down the aisle to the Pomp and Circumstance playing on our little CD player!
We have donated balloons and a cake. And another mom is making custom tassels!
I have a book for the teacher to read, I'm working on programs. I'm going to include in their goody bags a "when I grow up" survey that parents will love. I'll share E's answers later.
I am very excited and I just hope it goes off without a hitch. Well, without a major hitch. :)


Grammy said...

Jenni, your hard work resulted in a wonderful graduation for Emma and her classmates. I am so glad I was home to be there!!! Unfortunately, my finger was over the flash while taking photos so I have no idea what most of them are...Fortunately, I do have wonderful memories...or do I!!! Jenni will understand! LOL
Love, Grammy

Christy said...

How was the graduation? I am sure it was great, but I would love to hear about it.

A's Momma said...

How great for Miss E and her class that you took the initiative on their behalf. Way to go Momma!!!!