Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, How Lovely

A day at home. Well, sort of. We started off with an early trip to the park. Packed up some breakfast-y snack items and hauled some still sleepy-eyed girls to a favorite play spot. We started off by climbing "the hill".

This is always fun, and Miss E acted as nature guide, stopping to point out some tracks, and even the "most beautifulest thing in nature". (whithering weed flowers)

After the short trek, we kicked around our kick ball and soccer ball then broke for snacks.

Of course we hit the swings...

And both girls quickly found playmates.

Fun times!

Then on to WallyWorld for goldfish food and a new tank. Yes, you read right. E's VBS teacher so sweetly announced that "if it's OK with your can take home a fish!". Sigh. I cannot resist the sweet pleas of Miss E. Little A may just whine or whimper or repeatedly ask. E says things like, "If I sit here very quietly and don't ask again, can we take one home?", and, "I'm not asking again, but if you say, 'We'll talk about it', does that mean 'Maybe'?".
So we came home with two goldfish. And I'll admit. They're alot more fun than the Betas. Much more active and responsive. And this child has not stopped thanking me. On the walk to the car: "I don't want to take them back, but just WHY did you let me get two fish??", and "Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much for these fish! I'll feed them every day!"
Sure...feeding them is the easy part!
Anyway-a quick trip to Walmart for food and a tank and no drama, right? WRONG.
Miss A decides she wants some more water balloons. I tell her we still have some at home. She says we don't. I say we do. etc. etc.
Then begins the crying. Then screaming. WAILing. I'm not kidding. This was a first for me. Never until today was I the mom dragging a screaming kid from the store. I'm chanting with each step, "she's over tired, she'll tire out soon, she's worn out, she'll give up when we get to the car...."
All. the. way. home.
WAY louder than my loud music. Way louder.
I walked her to her room and said she could come out when she was finished crying. She walked out less than a minute later, trying to control her sobs. Red, swollen eyes. Sat in my lap and rocked for a minute. Was distracted by the new fish and hasn't mentioned it sense!
Did I mention we were tired? It's been such a long week. Late nights at VBS (I'll post pics from that next) and NO naps.
About to start a little crafty project and then dinner, maybe some tramp time and a late evening walk to the mailbox. All in all, a nice summer day.


A's Momma said...

Loved the updates :) Miss A is changing her looks. She is looking less like a baby and more like a big girl. That park day sounded truly lovely.

Grammy said...

What a nice little outing at the park. Looks like they were having so much fun and sure that it wore them out. Need to get some copies of photos. Love, Grammy