Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Fun!

We had such a nice 4th of July! An entire day with the daddy...these girls were SO excited to have some chill time with their daddy. We had a late breakfast, a snacky lunch, then did a couple of errands. Came home and put on a movie to help the afternoon pass. We were very anxious for fireworks time!
Before we knew it we were rushing through a quick dinner and loading the car!
A short wait for the shuttle, and a VERY exciting ride to the site...

(Miss A was BESIDE herself on the little bus ride. Beaming and wide eyed the whole time!), and we were there! We found a good spot to spread our blanket and set up chairs and headed for the big blow-up slides and jumpies.
We were about 4 people down the line when everything deflated! I guess it all shut down about 8 o'clock! The girls were disappointed but handled it very well. We went back to our site and snacked until fireworks time! There was a live band that played some good tunes. The kids danced and played around until dark.

I had cotton balls for the girls to help muffle the noise...this worked wonderfully for Miss E. She kept exclaiming, "That one came right at me!!", and saying how beautiful and amazing the fireworks were.
Miss A enjoyed it too, but was still very unsure about the noise. She had her hands over her ears the whole time and was VERY tensely snuggled deep in my lap, but she did say that she liked it, and that it was "so bootiful!" The show has been rained out the past two years, so this is her first experience with real fireworks. She did great!
I laughed at this pic when I saw it. I snapped it in the dark, while we were waiting for the show. I had no idea she was covered in blueberry juice from the Italian Ice she shared with Big Sis!

After it was all over, we had to wait, standing, shuffling along with a herd of thousands of people...for over an hour before we got on the shuttle home. I was tired, cursing and questioning WHY we brought all this STUFF! that we were now having to carry back...and I was impatient. The kids?? Did great! They played with their glow in the dark bracelets and bounced around as much as they could.
Another fun trip back and home after 11:00....we all slept till after 9 the next day!


Grammy said...

Had I not locked my keys in the car for the first time in my life I would have been there!! Instead I was waiting for Pop a Lock to come get my keys out of the there at almost 9pm so I headed home...heard the fireworks but didn't see them. Maybe next year!!! Someone take my keys, better yet, give me a ride. lol Grammy

Grammy said...

They photos are precious...they are the sweetest girls! I am glad that y'all had such a great day! Love, Grammy