Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Days. Drifting Away....

I cannot, WILL not believe that our summer is almost over! What happened to my weekly schedule of events? Of having productive, active days and taking advantage of this precious free time?? It seems many of our days have just drifted away...
Last week I was reminded of the free movie program at Lakeline Mall. This has been going on all summer and I completely forgot about it! I remembered from friends' experiences last year that if you don't get there early and claim your spot in line before the doors open, that you may not get a seat. Soooo...I woke the girls from their sweet dreams (the movie starts at 10:00, but the doors open at 9:00. Which meant we needed to leave about 8:45!), dressed their sleepy bodies, brushed teeth and hair like zombies, and fed them toast in the car.
All in the name of a free movie!
We arrive at about 9:10 to a semi-full parking lot and no line at the door. Sigh, I'm thinking the line has already made it's way in and the show is full. Oh well, we can walk the mall, I guess. But ABsoLUTely no funds to shop! :)
I guide the girls into the empty lobby and must have looked lost because one of the teeny-bopper boys pointed me towards the concession counter. Still hopeful, I ask if there are any seats left for the "free movie".
And the girl behind the counter tells me...(with just a hint of that 'are you for real?' look, "Um, no one's here for that yet".
SO...we have 45 minutes to kill in an empty, un-opened mall.
Thank goodness for Chick-Fil-A. It was the only place open, and they had relatively cheap coffee and a yummy bagel. We sat and enjoyed our little breakfast then hit the 25 cent candy machine on the way back. Miss E chose Chicklets and Miss A chose peanut M&Ms to add to the apple slices and Teddy Grahams I had stashed in my purse.
The movie was AWESOME! Everyone's Hero. SO cute, and clean, and funny! Both girls laughed throughout, Miss E exclaiming several times, that "this is a funny movie!"
It had humor that they could get, but that was also entertaining for the adults.
The most graphic language may have been a couple of 'stupids', and a very funny part where the talking baseball says, "Ow! My head! My butt! My head!" as he bounces down some stairs.
I think the main character gets taunted and called 'loser' once or twice, but it was so quick I can't even remember.
After the movie we went for the promised stroll around the mall, stopping to "only look" at the Webkins in Hallmark. Miss E understood that we were not buying, but Miss A made a nice little scene as we left after I pried three or four of the little plush animals from her grip!
A quick stop at the Dollar Store for a prize apiece and we were headed home. A really nice, summer morning.
And we were even treated to a small shower over lunch! Rain, rain...come again!

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Grammy said...

I'm glad that you remembered about the free movie. I arrive early everywhere I go so I know what it's like to try and kill time. The summer has gone too fast...wondering what I have done...nothing much comes to mind. I am waiting for cooler weather and some lingering rains. Love my kids, Grammy