Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From teeth to...well....I give up.

I should know by now, that a quiet house usually means trouble. But it always takes a minute to sink in. Like, I realize, "wow-it's really quiet" after it's been quiet for a couple of minutes already.
Anyway-just had one of those moments.

"Wow-It's really quiet", I think to myself.
I find Miss E quickly. Laid out on her bed reading her latest chapter.
Where's Miss A? Well, I last sent her to brush her teeth.....
And then I see her. Sitting quietly in the family room floor. I walk towards her and ask,
"Miss A, did you brush your teeth?"
"Yes I did."

And then I see.

That she is cleaning her toes with her toothbrush.

And this is why I keep spares on hand.


Anonymous said...

I think she's incredible inventive and frugal! Just think of the money you'll save on toe nail clippers, etc.

Cute story!!


Aunt Debbie

Mollie said...

aaaahem. guess i'll be watching that one more closely while in my care. I mean I love her and all, but rubbing my teeth on her toes might take a special kind of love that I don't have.... for anyone ;)

Grammy said...

Isn't she just too cute!!! I am sure her toes needed cleaning and what better way to get the job done...hope you took a photo! At least she wasn't trying to brush Missy's teeth! Love, Grammy

Shannon said...

Is there a better way to get in between those toes?