Sunday, July 6, 2008


I guess today I made up for my sluggish self from yesterday...
I met my MIL at IKEA to continue my search for Miss E's desk accessories. I did find a cute little pink desk lamp and some storage bins to help contain the mess that is the floor of her closet, but not what I had in mind for her desk.
So from there, we grabbed some lunch. I was treated to some yummy Chile's and a tasty 'rita! :)
Then we hit Garden Ridge, tried Hobby Lobby (closed on Sundays, FYI), Target, a little discount gift/toy store, another Target, Walmart, and....oh, Michael's. I didn't buy something at EVERY store...but close! But I did good-one stop yielded the PERFECT calendar for Miss A (I searched all over at the beginning of the year for one just like this) for $2!
I did find 2 things to help organize E's desk at Michael's. I just need to paint them. No biggie.
Found an adorable quilt/comforter set at Target for Ally (she's yet to have one for her 'big' bed), but after passing on the rain check, found one just as cute and half the price at Walmart!
I got home and was exhausted. Put a couple of things together and sunk into the couch for Sunday night shows, and enjoyed a chocolate Drumstick. Undisturbed. :)

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Grammy said...

I had a wonderful time at Chili's and shopping. I bought a coupon holder and some milk. Saw lots of things I want. I was thrilled that you called as I was getting into Austin...we used to shop all the time and I miss it. So it was a wonderful day for me. Love you!