Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bumper Babes!

July is "letter X" month for our playgroup, and we've really been stretching it for some playdate ideas.
SO, we decided to add a "X is for STRIKE!" day to the calendar, and headed to The Main Event for some bumper bowling!
We had so much fun! The girls were very into it. I was secretly disappointed that Miss A was so into it. I really thought that she would lose interest (it goes VERY slowly with the little ones) and I would end up taking her turns. No such luck!
She would anxiously await her turn each time around, and even once bowled for someone else when they took too long to get to the plate!
Oh-Miss E enjoyed it too...but when it wasn't her turn, she was very much occupied with her Root Beer. Her FIRST Root Beer EVER! Oh my goodness. I had to pry her away from that thing!
Anyway-this playdate totally took me back to my bowling days. At most of the bases overseas, there are two forms of entertainment.
#1-The movie theater. We would get the new blockbusters around a month or so after the rest of the world...
#2-The Bowling Alley! This was always THE place to be. THE hangout for the teen/preteen crowd. Oh, the days of over carbonated sodas and goopey chili cheese fries. YUM!
And everyone who was ANYone, was on the bowling league! Man, that place would be packed from morning till night on league days. SO much fun!! We'd hold friendly competitions against the neighboring teams, and my sisters and I always kept up with each other's high scores. And, if I remember correctly (and because neither of them really read this blog...) I'm pretty sure that I was usually in the lead. :)
J and I used to bowl too, in our kidless days. -ahem-I always beat him too-
I would love to start going again. We'll have to pick one of the "specials" nights and go to town. Let the girls keep busy with the bumpers and set up our own lane next to theirs and get our BOWL on!!
I ended up there without my camera, so here are some shots the lovely Miss M snatched.

(those are Miss A's droopey sock feet. Love it!)


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Grammy said...

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