Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was standing at the corner today waiting for Emma to get off the bus and cross over to me. I saw an older boy (maybe 4th grade?) come down the stairs of the bus and just as he was beginning to cross the street he slung his bag up on his shoulder and somehow dumped all of the contents out.
One by one, each child behind him carefully made their way around him, ignoring his clear struggle to get everything at least back in his arms.
Emma stepped off the bus and started to come straight across to me when she saw the boy out of the corner of her eye. She immediately stopped in her tracks and went over to help him! AND when she realized that he still couldn't get situated with all of his folders and spirals in his hands she very simply told him she would carry them across the street. They both finally made it over to the curb and then he was able to get everything back in his bag. He thanked her and she said, "you're welcome", and we were on our way.
I told her how proud I was of her and that most kids wouldn't (and didn't) have stopped to help. I love that there never was an option for her. She is SUCH a sweet kid.
I love her. :)

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