Friday, February 1, 2008


Miss A and I had a fun time today at the Austin Children's Museum with some friends from our playgroup. There was a new exhibit that we had not yet seen, so it was the usual lots-of-stimulation---where-do-I-go-first sort of beginning. Once we settled in A enjoyed and explored alot of the neat things.
She donned some construction gear and spent some time sorting nuts and bolts. When our supply ran low she'd call down to order up more from whoever happened to be standing by the shoot down below!

We spent 20 minutes sending a parachuting pig up a pulley (say that 5 times fast!) and letting him float down. This was alot of fun for her because it was one of the things she could operate on her own. The pig was in a harness, which we would attach to a clip on a parachute. There were different sizes and shapes of parachutes so we experimented and found the one that worked best. Once she pulled him to the top, the clip would slide into a cone, causing it to release. Lots of fun!

She boogied on stage a bit....(she can see herself in an off-stage monitor, so there was definitely some hamming going on!)...sorry I didn't get a good pic of this.

Then it was time to make an "insta-worm"! This was some special solution the kids squirted into a cup of water, then fished out, bagged up, and brought home....interesting... :)

All of these things are really the staples. The displays that are always there. Of course she also enjoyed "milking" the cow, playing doctor, cooking in the deluxe kitchen and both stocking and shopping from the store.
The exhibit right now is "noise", and we really didn't get around to much of the new stuff. There was a school field trip there when we arrived, so we stayed out of the way at first and found the other things.
But we did try out the voice changer phones. These were cool. There were 4 phones and each one would make your voice change in a different way, which you could hear in your receiver. Cool!

And there were lots of xylophone type things that she tried. Hearing the difference between wooden, metal, and pvp pipe organs.
We did splurge and get a membership for the year, so we'll definitely be going back as often as we can. Lots of fun!

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