Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh. My. GOSH!

Sweet little A has said this several times in the past couple of days. And she says it just like that. Oh. My. GOSH! I know it could be worse. Much worse. But I'd just as soon put off this phrase in the girls vocab as long as I can. It leads to another familiar phrase, I think. And it just doesn't sound sweet coming from a 3 or 5 year old mouth to me. I'd much rather hear a precious, "Wow"! or "Awesome"! or "I can't believe my eyes"!. OK, stretching it. But you get the gist.
ANYway...where did she pick this up?? From a classmate? A playmate? TV show?
From yours truly.
I try to censor myself as much as I can. But sometimes we just can't help ourselves. Here's the sitch: Ally was on the toilet. She called to me that she was done. I obediently went to help her. Leaned over to take care of business and help her off. My glasses (which were already masking-taped together on one side and in DIRE need of replacement) fell into the toilet. If you ask me, I did good with "gosh". :)
And if this wasn't already TMI....thankfully, it was just #1. :)


Mihills Family Blog said...

Andy's favorite is "Oh, my goodness gracious!" Sounds so cute coming from a 3 year old. I think he got that from me. I just can't see his daddy saying that! ha

Aunt Debbie

Mollie said...

...least yours don't YELL 'oh my God' at every.single.thing!

I've said that well into the Vally Girl days of the 80's. It's ingrained. No way I can censor myself now.

My 5 year old neighbor hollering WTHeck literally every 5 minutes!! Just fearful for when they pick up "other" phrases ;)

Jill said...

ha!! I am waiting for the toilet incident for me! My glasses are too wide right now!