Thursday, February 14, 2008


After dropping A off at school today I came back home and actually got dressed. Took a long shower, took my time getting dressed (just jeans, but a cute shirt and my nice boots) and *shock!* did my hair and make-up.
When I went back up to hang out fod A's V-day party, several of the teachers were sitting at the work room table.
One of them says, "Wow! Jennifer-you look so pretty!"
Another one pipes in, "Yeah! What did you do?"
The third, "I know! I saw her walk by earlier and I didn't even know who it was!"

Now my question: At what point is it no longer a compliment??


Mihills Family Blog said...

Just be glad they noticed. I haven't worn make-up hardly at all since i quit work about 5 years ago. I just recently bought some mascara, eye-line, etc. and now will occasionally put some on. NO ONE NOTICES! Not sure what that means. If I ask Russell he will tell me I look nice...but it takes a little something away from it when you have to ask! ha

Aunt Deb

Mollie said... (lol)

I'm crackin' up.
I swear. If it were me? I would have told those ladies to jump in the lake looooong ago!

But, you know me ;)

Jill said...

Puh-lease, you are always gorgeous! Moms put on some lipstick and the whole world acts like they haven't seen lipstick before!