Saturday, February 9, 2008

Too Funny To Forget

I never got around to posting about a funny "craft" we did months ago. This was from our letter "P" month..."P is for Plant". We planted grass by stuffing a knee high hose with a mix of potting soil and rye grass seed, then decorated it to look like a caterpillar.
Here's how they began:

Miss A wanted extra eyes on hers:

So then what, you may ask? Well, take it home and water it, of course! E's came in really sparse, it must not have been mixed well. But A's took off! Here's a pic from about a week later:

And then about a week after that:

What fun! We really had two new pets for awhile. The girls loved watering and caring for these critters. We were sad to see them go... :)

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A's Momma said...

Oh wow! No wonder you were laughing hysterically at our caterpillar. He looked extremely ill compared to yours :) We enjoyed ours a lot too, but I was really ok with throwing him out!