Thursday, July 23, 2009


We are currently playing the "how long can we survive without going to the grocery store" game. :) Tonight for dinner we had turkey smoked sausage, ranch style beans, zuccini chips (sliced rounds of zucc. topped w/mozz cheese and broiled) and kiwi. I know-it sounds yummy, doesn't it.
Well, there wasn't anything on the plate that I was absolutely sure that Ally would eat. She's iffy on the sausage-she wasn't a fan of the zucc the last time I did it like this, she has never tried beans, and hasn't been happy about eating kiwi lately.

She ate everything! And happily! I make the HUGE mistake of saying, "Ally, I never thought we'd see the day that you would finally be a good eater!"

And then it began...from EMMA! The whining, the moaning, the crying!! Over the zuccini! This is the girl that ate a raw squash straight from the garden and told me, "Garden fresh is good, Mama!" I told her she had to eat 3 slices. O.M.Goodness!! The drama!

Finally I left the room, knowing that my patience was thinning. And she followed. I just had to tell her to leave. And I started to question my approach. Do I make her eat this? It would be one thing if I knew she didn't like it, but she's eaten it before!
So I tried that approach-

"Emma, you have eaten zuccini before. What is the big deal? It's THREE little slices! You could have been done by now!"

And through the tears, she tells me...."I just like it un-cooked!"

You have got to be kidding me. I had one zucc left on the counter. I sliced up a few pieces. She ate it. No whines. No problem.

So next time I'll skip the olive oil, the sprinkling of salt and pepper, the careful arrangement of mozzerela cheese....and just serve it raw. ;)


J. Nalley said...

goodness, aren't they funny. JM likes only unmelted cheese now and JC only likes raw tomatoes.

Mollie said...

and if you served it raw, the drama would have been for the cheese and salt ;)