Friday, July 31, 2009

What's it Worth to You?

Sweet Emma.

She has been very excited and very eager to clear out her room for the garage sale. She started the other day in her "toy drawer". This is basically a "junk drawer". The place for Happy Meal toys, bouncy balls, forgotten party favors, and the occasional water gun.
Emma was extremely proud after she sorted through her drawer and presented me with a bag of oh, half a dozen or so trinkety toys. She had also taken the time to compile a price list.

Oh dear.

Here's how it went: (and this was after we had a discussion AND I gave the recommendation of about a dime apiece...)

Sonic race car (kid's meal prize): $2.00
whistle (the kind that comes in a set of 12 for birthday party goody bags): $1.00
key chain (more of the above): $.50
bouncy ball: $.50
toy gun: $2.00
Kung Fu Panda (Happy Meal prize): $2.00

She also told me she thinks we should price her vanity set at $90.00.

The plan is for her to man her own area the morning of the sale. This is going to be interesting.



Jennifer said...

We are in the beginning process of doing the same thing. Grace really wants to buy something she saw at a store but has no money. So she's decided to sell some things at our garage sale. She has picked out 2 things. not much.

Let me know how it goes for Emma!

J. Nalley said...

Oh my. When we did ours my kids were so funny and practically gave stuff away. Who knew it was that easy. Good luck!

Grammy said...

She was the best little salesman during the garage sale...she would size up a customer and suggest things they might was so sweet and amazing at the same time. She would explain why they needed a certain item....