Sunday, July 26, 2009

Popcorn and a Prize

As I watch the girls snacking contendedly while watching "Bug's Life", I have to make a note, hoping our simple little game stays in their sweet heads as they grow.
I started giving "popcorn with a prize". Just on a whim one day. Must have had something at the end of a box or bag and tossed it on top of their bowl of popcorn.

And so it began. :)

Now it is so funny that they squeal and shout "YES!" when I announce I'll bring them their popcorn and a prize. I think it's mostly the surprise. The "prize" is nothing big. A few mini marshmallows, M&Ms, gummi bears, and today yogurt covered pretzels. Something very simple but just the little "extra" that brings delight.
It makes me smile that they find such excitement in something so small. "Thank you thank you thank you Mama!" I love that they don't expect anything big and that they appreciate something so small.

Obviously this is about more than a few marshmallows in a bowl of popcorn. :)

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