Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Simple Life

I am overwhelmed with all the catching up I have to do! To get the ball rolling, just a quick post about the NOW...

As many of you know, we had an EXTREMELY busy week last week with our vacation at Nana and Pops house. We were go go going constantly!

Since we have been home we have not had a playdate, a swim day, nothing. Today we are getting ready for the free movie. Other than a string of errands yesterday, this will be our first time out of the house! I have not even checked the mail. Zip.
(this did result in an extra yummy chicken spaghetti dinner last night. I didn't have the usual ingredients for the sauce, so I grabbed some bell pepper, a squash, a handful of green beans, and cherry tomatoes from my garden stash and chopped those up to throw in. Yum!)

So, we've been enjoying the Simple Life. Lots of coloring and design time for the girls. Emma made a mobile of 5 or so planets for cousin C. Just got a wild hair. Ally has been practicing her people skills (drawing them!). I have spent way too much time on Facebook and negleted the blog... op!

Ok-just a quick teaser-lots more to come! Including giant ostriches, life size dinosaurs, hair-nesting birds, manatees, a man in a mouse costume, 3-D fun, pool time, tractor rides, fireworks, slip-n-slides, Dinosaurs ALIVE!, a train ride....and....oh yes! the Hokey Pokey! ;)

Stay Tuned!

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