Thursday, June 18, 2009

Symphonies and Sprinkler Play

Yesterday we went to the weekly Children's Day Art Park hosted by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. Each week is a different band/act/group performing for the kids amidst bubbles machines, clowns, storytellers, magicians and mimes, lots of balloons, and 10 cent lemonade. There's even an instrument petting zoo-the kids can try out any of the brass instruments that are hung by rope under a covered porch area. (alcohol wipes provided!)
This week was the group "Beto Y Los Fairlanes". I have no idea what that means, Beto and the .... something, I guess. But I was surprised to see a group of middle aged white men on stage! lol!

They were entertaining. One of them is a professor in music at UT. Maybe they all were?

Emma got some giggle time w/her bff.

Ally was a clingy whiny mess (because she woke up waaaay too early and would not go back to sleep!!) until she got this:

After the show we followed the lemonade trail down and around to the craft area. The girls waited in line for face painting then found some shade and some lemonade before heading home. There were other crafts and things to check out, but with this heat we were ready to go. Can't wait for next week! It's the Biscuit Brothers!

Face Painting:

Three Little Kittens...

Made in the shade.

Well, as you may have gathered from my title, I intended to include a couple of sprinkler play pics in this post. Seems none of them turned out. I only snapped few, don't know what I did wrong. Anyway, just so you're not completely disappointed (I know you were SO looking forward to these!), here's one I managed to pull off.

Even the dog got in on the action!

Oh-and today's free summer fun movie was Charlotte's Web! I didn't realize we'd never seen the new one-it was SO good!


Stefanie said...

what a fun day!!! :)

jessica said...

looks like fun! so wish i could brave the heat and head there . . . sounds like you guys are having a great summer! :) i loved catching up on your blog! :)