Saturday, June 6, 2009

For the Small Screen

Today the girls and I took part in a commercial shoot for my good friend, Jamie. Last year, this friend invented a super cool Childproof Straw! The straw will NOT come out of any juice box, fast food cup...she has used them for almost a year with her kids in yogurt cups..anything that has a foil lid or a straw hole. They are AMAZING!
Today she was shooting a "commercial" for a couple of things. I know one reason is to have an audition reel for a new show coming up on TLC hosted by Kelly Ripa, all about mom inventors. Also, there is a major drink company, I think, interested in putting the straw into production and they need more info. I think. There have been so many developments over the last year that I can't keep up. Anyway, the girls were very excited to be a part of this! Emma can't wait to be "on TV". I was reeled in to recite one of the many testimonials that Jamie has received via email or her website from straws she has sold on her own.
Both girls did sort of a "school lunch" scene. Emma did one shot with putting a straw through a drinkable yogurt-easy, no mess, no fuss. Then she did another shot showing her struggling to get the foil lid off (you'd be amazed how hard this is!) and actually spilling the yogurt in the process. Emma was oh-so-dramatic with this shot and REALLY got the point across-throwing yogurt all over the ground and herself!
Ally did a scene showing her using one of the straws in a milk box and they wanted her to actually pick up the box by the straw to demonstrate that the straw really will not come out. This was EXTREMELY hard for Ally! Her whole life she's been told, "don't take the straw out!" and especially don't pick up the juice box by the straw! lol! She eventually got it and gave her winning smile at the very end. So cute!
Here are some shots of my shining stars in action!

So excited!


Jamie said...

They did so well!! Thanks so much guys! I can't wait to see it either... it will be a while! As you saw, we have LOTS of "takes" for everychild (and moms!). I'm glad I don't have to do the editing!

jessica said...

way cool! little stars! :) can't wait to see the results! :)