Friday, June 12, 2009

Nitro Intro

Today was our first lesson at Nitro Swim School. Both girls LOVED it! Ally was first, and she jumped out of the pool and made her way over to me-she was shivering and shaking and I thought she was mumbling something about having to go potty or wanting her towel. Nope! She wanted to "go again"! She had a BLAST!
She passed the first station in less than 15 minutes. She had to put her whole face under water for at least 5 seconds. That's a long time! At first she would just dip in really quickly and pop her head out sort of panicked. But she kept going and going and eventually got it! She was on to the next station which is the "starfish" float. I think this is arms straight out to the sides and legs out? I think. I know she had her arms out. I saw her floating with a noodle once, and I saw them trying to float on their back. I'll have to find out more so we can practice before next week.
Emma did awesome as well! She also ended on station 2, but it's different in her class. She has to be comfortable with floating on her back. I think they have to master doing a streamline (arms straight up behind ears and hands together at the top) swim halfway across the (short side) pool, then flip over to a back float. She tries to curl up and stand up insinctively instead of relaxing on her back. Just a little practice and she'll have it!
Both girls were ALL SMILES the WHOLE TIME! Ally, apparently does not ever stand still on land or in water. She was bouncing non stop. Both only had one other kid in their group. The other girl in Emma's group was also named Emma-this was a highlight for them!
A few pics I got. I tried to stay across the pool, so they're dark and maybe blurry, but still sweet!

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YAY! That's so exciting!