Saturday, June 6, 2009


SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma had her luau party on Friday for the last day of school. It was complete chaos. 20something loud, chanting, hula-hooping 7 yr. olds. Yikes!
It was fun, though. Emma was one of the winners for the hula hoop contest, she also won bingo, and gave a valiant effort at limbo.
Of course, on the day before the last day, I decided I wanted to make a stool for her teacher. I had been doing alot with Emma's class the last couple of weeks and on more than one occassion wished I had a stool at the front of the class!
So, we ran around Thursday and found a stool (not as easy as you would think) and found a paw print stamp to represent their mascot, the Lion. Emma had asked the all important "favorite color" question before we left so we got a few paints in just the right shades.
I thought I had some stencils left over from when I did my mom and dad's. I know I had a little heart, an apple...teacher-y stuff like that. Apparently not anymore. Must have tossed them.
So....this stool had lots of polkadots and stripes to fill in the gaps. Ha!
Emma's teacher LOVED it and called in other teachers to brag on it. (grins!)
Anyway-a fun day. And SO GLAD it's summer time! We already have pool playdate on Monday. yay!

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Mihills Family Blog said...

Cute, cute stool!! I was beginning to worry about had been so long since you posted. Glad everything is good and you and the girls are ready for a fun summer!!

Love you,