Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random (yes, I should be vaccuuming..) Thoughts.

**I love that the girls squeal and run to their rooms when I announce that I'm going to vacuum (hence, my title. hee!). This started years ago when Ally was genuinely scared of the vacuum cleaner. Not it's just habit. But they run to one bedroom or another, and stay in there playing for a good 30+ minutes before they realize I'm through! Funny, if I sent them to the bedrooms to play it would never last. This way they think it's their idea. :)

**I love our time in the kitchen. My table is NEVER clear-there is a constant mess of papers, markers, scissors, etc. If I'm stuck at the sink I get to witness their creations. I love the "stories" that come from Ally's drawings. One day she made a "juice machine". A huge web of lines, pipes, and who knows what else that somehow became a juice machine. She had it all planned out very well! Today we had the easels out and the girls were making chalk drawings. Ally drew a picture of me being chased by a wolf! The wolf bit my arm off...but don't worry-she fixed it with a band aid. (i'm laughing as I type this!)
Emma drew a picture of a "green" house-with a solar panel for energy. And labeled it "Environmental Saver Mama". Cute! Funny, she didn't know it, but while they were working I was washing dishes and took my dirty water out to the tree in the front yard. I made sure to tell afterwards that I had just re-used my dish water! She was very proud.
AND, all the while, we usually jam to BOB FM (from the huge antique stereo. Gmom-help me out, how old is it?). The only station in Austin where you can hear The Eagles, Vanilla Ice, and Avril Lavigne consecutively!

**Emma lost her 7th tooth today. I was watering the garden when it happened this morning. She didn't know I was out there and went roaming around the house looking for me, dribbling blood all over the place. Yuck!~

***The dog, now over 75 I think in dog years, still doesn't get that when I leave one room I'm usually coming right back. She still gets up and follows me, attempts to lay down and doesn't even get settled before I'm moving again, then she struggles (it's getting harder for her to get up) to get back up and follow me again. Sometimes if I tell her to stay she will, but I can tell she's very uneasy with that. She has always had some serious separation anxiety issues! As a younger dog, if we left her out back for too long, she would jump the fence (at the time a 4 foot chain link) and come sit on the front porch.

***I love my girls' love for music! Yesterday I overheard Emma singing along with the radio-just belting it out. It was priceless! made me wish I had a video camera that picked up sound....I digress.
And Ally has been making up songs lately. They all have the same sing song-y sort of rhythm, and the same choreography. :) Shakin' her little hips and her head, singing "I love you Ma-ma. Oh yes I do-o, yes I love you-oo!"

I could go on and on! I need to try and do this sort of post once a week or so just to catch little every day stuff.
Think it'll happen?? :)

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