Monday, June 15, 2009

Pool Time

More fun in the sun today. Another 3+ hours. I see LOTS of pool time this summer. I can't keep the girls out of the water! Today was another new pool. It only went to 3 feet, which was nice. Lots of sprinkler/sprayers, a little bitty slide, and wading area. But, what did the girls want to do the most??
Practice their swim lessons!
We went to the 3 foot area and I took turns letting each of the practice their "lessons". Emma mastered hers quickly (the back float), and now I need to call and see what her next station is before lessons on Friday.
Ally is still unsure about letting her feet off the bottom. She is supposed to do a "starfish float". Yes, in our day this was called the "dead man's float". :) Ally will put her arms out and put her face in the water, but unless I lift her she won't bring her feet off the bottom. Just not used to that yet. BUT, she never. stopped. trying!
She would come up gasping, almost panicked looking, and half a second later, say, "let me try that again!". I think she'll get it with her teacher by Friday.
I even got to SIT OUT AND WATCH for awhile. What?? It was very strange. This was a very small pool with lifeguards everywhere, and I could see the girls at any point in the pool, so when we were about 20 min. from leaving I decided to sit out and dry off before I called the girls out. They had so much fun! We didn't have any friends along today so they were left to play with each other, and it was neat for me to sit back and watch instead of being in the middle of it. We'll have to hit this pool again just for that reason. I think all of the other pool in the area would be too big for this. Not any deeper, just too much space between them and me. This one was just right.
Anyway, just a quick post while we have a movie on-I need to do dishes and laundry... Fun!


J. Nalley said...

Oh fun!! Sit out and watch!!??? How nice! ha We'll try again another time. I was off lowering my property taxes this morning.. sigh.. I was successful, but barely! Anything was an improvement!

Christy said...

So sad we couldn't make it out this morning! We go to this pool a few times a week. I love it! We will have to put it on the group's schedule again!