Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We have hit the ground running this week! Seems crazy it's only the 2nd official day of summer break.
Yesterday we went to a super cool pool. We stayed for over 3 hours and only took one little 15 minute break! The girls would have stayed hours longer...and me too-I had so much fun! But, being the only grown-up among us, I had to make the responsible decision. Bummer being the mom sometimes. lol!
This place had a little lazy river, a wading area with two small slides, a small open area with sprayers or buckets, and a side spot with two bigger slides. The big slide and the lazy river were the hit for sure. I bet we were up and down the slide 50 times! Just one-Emma is tall enough for both big slides but would only go on the straight one because I could go with her. Ally is not tall enough for either but could go on the straight one IF I went with her. My little one is for SURE the adventurer/dare devil of the pair. Emma is very timid and anxious and takes the safer route. I'm so glad I could go with her on the straight slide, because she loved it-but still wouldn't go on her own, even after we did it over and over. Ally on the other hand-it was all I could do to get her to wait for me to sit down before she took off!
Both girls loved the lazy river. Emma would go round and round, swim/floating through. Before I remembered I had a ring floatie for Ally, I would carry her (against her will-she kept telling me to "let go"!) and she would watch Emma over my shoulder, cracking up the whole time at Emma bobbing up and down. I couldn't see what Emma was doing, but whatever it was made Ally laugh the whole way. It was cute.
Here are the few pics I got. Had a friend snap some from the slides. The ending one of Emma and me didn't come out, but just as well-she was panicked because we went under quite a bit. :)
Oh-and notice the different "hold" I have on each girl on the slide. I barely have ahold of Ally's shirt, and I only got away with that because she didn't know I was holding on. Emma's practically in a bear hug! But, we didn't do that again because I told her I think that's why we went under so much when we landed.
Anyway-tons of fun. We'll definitely go back!

Waiting patiently.

And, our outing today was the first free movie for the summer! We saw "Everyone's Hero". We saw it last year, but was so cute, we didn't mind seeing it again. We actually ran into several friends there. Looking forward to many more!


Denise said...

Let me know when you go back there, I only live about 5 minutes away!

jessica said...

so fun! hope we get to see more of you guys soon! :) thanks so much for taking the girls on the slide . . . it was the highlight of their visit . . . summer is off to a great start!