Saturday, June 13, 2009


I guess after almost a week of lots of (delicious!) grilled meals....I am really needing some light, cool, crispy sort of food. Don't get me wrong, the meat was awesome! But, just kind of heavy. Make sense?
Last night the girls and I had salad for dinner. I wasn't sure how this would go over...esp. with Miss A...but she did great! Of course, she had to have her ranch dressing...and she didn't eat all of it, but she ate a lot!
I had our salads piled with spinach leaf lettuce and purple leaf (or red leaf?) lettuce, then diced up tons of good stuff to mix in. From the garden we had zuccini, yellow squash, tomatoes and bell pepper. Then I added diced apples and pears, cucumber, chopped up a few deviled eggs, grated some cheese... and had red onion in mine. oh my goodness, I was in heaven! Neither girl liked the zuccini or squash. It's not great raw, but I tried. Next time I'll saute it just a bit to add some flavor.
We finished off with some yummy corn on the cob and a slice of cool lime pie. Delish!
Today we're just finishing a lunch of string cheese, cherries, baby carrots, tangerine and kiwi. refreshing! And so colorful! I love colorful meals.
OK. here's the good stuff. Enough of my boring menu ramble. :)
The pie I made took about 3 minutes to put together (actually the girls did it all, after I got the yolk ready), and 20 min. to cook. It is really good! Got the recipe from Jason's mom.
3 ingredients:

1 graham cracker pie crust
3 egg yolks (yolks only!)
1 can of Eagle Brand milk (I actually used store brand, this is just what I've always called this milk-the sweetened condensed milk.)
1/2 C. of lime juice

Mix with a whisk. You don't even need to beat it. Poor into pie crust and bake @ 350 for 20 min. Let cool and top with Cool Whip. Yum!


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The pie sounds yummy!! Think I'll try it!

Love you,

Aunt Debbie

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