Monday, August 25, 2008

First Days

Our first day went smoothly. E was easy to get up and excited to get to school. After she got dressed, she told me, "I'm sorry, Mama, I know you didn't want me to grow up, but I'm officially a First Grader!" Cute!
After getting over the disappointment of not riding the bus, she sucked it up and we all loaded in the car to take her to school. Miss A was still half asleep. Probably hadn't said one word-was just going through the motions, and barely that.
When we got to the school parked, E hops out of the car and says, "OK, I know where my class is, I can go by myself!"
Um, NO!
I told her we were walking her to class, and taking a few pictures, PERIOD! What's the deal?? :)
She unloaded the rest of her supplies and got to work on an assignment of writing a sentence about something she did over the summer, then drawing a picture to go along with it.
She chose to write about Chalk Bluff, and later told me she drew a picture of her (70something year old) Granddad swinging from the rope that hung from the bluff! ??? This never happened!! How funny.
After school she said her day was "Great. But we only did 2 crafts, and just listened to a lot, lot, lot, lot of rules." Ha!

Here are the few pics I snapped...seeing how I wasn't allowed to linger...!

Miss A somehow made it home from my workday awake...barely. She had just dozed off as we turned the corner to our street, but I made her wake up when we got out of the car.
She did surprisingly well for most of the evening. She brought ALL of the kitchen stuff in the family room and fed me most of it!

Around 6:30 she asked to watch one of her DVDs from the library, so I set it up to start. After 5 or 6 minutes I realized it was stuck on the menu, just playing the little theme song over and over again, so I went over and pushed the 'start' button.
She. Flipped. Out.
Big time.
She started crying, telling me she wanted to hear the song (from the menu). And kept crying. And crying. After about 15 minutes I finally went to try to comfort her, knowing she was just exhausted and not making any sense. I held her and offered a snack, some juice, water...even offered to restart the "movie" (menu!). Nothing helped. She kept crying. For another 15 minutes! I tried plain asking her to tell me what she wanted..."I don't want ANYFING!" was all I got.
So I just held her, and eventually the cries slowed and slowed, and the breathing settled...and she was sound asleep!
I carried her to bed just after 7. Let's hope she sleeps through the night!

Well, we made it through day 1. Anyone got a count on how many to go?? :)

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Grammy said...

Miss E looked adorable on her first day of school...can see how excited she was. And even though it was not Miss A's official first had to be overwhelming for her. She was just too tired...what sweet little girls! Love, Grammy