Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ketchin' Up.

I wanted to keep track of our last days of the summer...and have fallen behind already! Here's the Cliff Notes version so far.

Friday, August 1-ACM. Some details below.

Saturday, August 2-Kids workshop at Home Depot. Not one of my favorite crafts. A flag holder with a Home Depot sticker and an Olympics sticker for the flag. Buy hey, it was some free fun, we enjoyed putting them together, painted on them after we got home, and now they have mysteriously disappeared....

Sunday, August 3-A day at home. Daddy was home, and Grammy came over to watch the races. Played lots of board games later and had Freezer Pops for dessert!

Monday, August 4-playdate at J's house. Fun with yarn!

We also played a new game called Twister Scram! LOTS of fun-I like this one. I may have to put it on our wish list!

Tuesday, August 5-Hosted A's Science Kids group. We experimented with mixing primary colors! The kids colored in some parts of a coffee filter with red, blue, and yellow markers. Then painted on water and watched them bleed together, creating the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple!). This was a big hit.
Then they each got to mix up their own bowl of Goo. AND decide what color it would be! I had red, blue, and yellow food coloring and each kiddo chose their own color combination to dye the Goo. The Goo was a HUGE hit! And a HUGE mess! But it cleaned up super, super easily. Everyone played well together and had a big time. On the way out, each child got to take home a Ziploc baggie with two ice cubes, each one a different primary color. As the cubes melted together, they too created a secondary color. Such fun!
Some pics from the fun:

The whole gang-mixing primary colors.

The beginnings of Miss A's masterpiece...and the drip down her arm that I did NOT see through the camera...!

Checking out her buddy's work.

Oh, the girls and I made Puppy Chow later.

This totally looks like an ad for the store brand.
But, Yum and double Yum!

Wednesday, August 6-The last free movie of the summer. We went with our buds and saw Doogal.

Again, not my favorite, but I guess it's always neat to see a "big" movie, as Miss A calls it. We roamed around the mall a bit afterwards and hit the Dollar Tree. Each girl chose two items from the store.

Miss E chose two little make-up sets. Some lip gloss and fingernail polish kits.

Miss A chose.....

a spring loaded gun that shoots plastic balls, and an FBI kit, complete with gun, handcuffs, whistle, walkie talkie and the baton thingie that they hit with!

Am I in trouble or WHAT?!?

I need to get dinner ready....something quick for sure. The girls are playing "school" in E's room. She just realized yesterday how soon she'll be starting 1st grade. Yikes!
I opened her door and made a little noise in her room this morning, trying to rouse her for the movie. She jumped out of bed and peeked out at me from her doorway, and announced, "ONLY NINETEEN MORE DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS!"
The very first words from her mouth.
I'm glad she's excited. I'm hoping for a good year!

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Grammy said...

They have had a wonderful summer full of activities. Miss A's choice of prizes tickled me to death. I was surprised she didn't get makeup too as most times I come over she wants to do my makeup. It is giving me a complex!! LOL I'm thinking I might need to rethink my whole makeup routine. What wonderful girls! Love, Grammy