Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Incredibly Informative!

I can walk into and completely around the grocery store without ever noticing a sign, and ad, or display stand. I know what I'm there for, and I go after it. Usually not straying...too much. :)
Miss E walks beside me, the entire time, reading. Reading the sign in the front window. "HEB has higher standards, and lower prices!"
Reading the labels as I compare cleaning products. "This one is new and improved!"
The incentives on the detergent bottles. "That one has 20 percent more!"
And the magazine covers while we're waiting in line. "Miley Cyrus' Secret Life! Can I get that one? It's for kids!"
Um, not it's not.
It cracks me up!
Yes, it's a great thing that she is such an advanced reader. While I was helping Miss A get ready for bed last night, Miss E stayed curled up on the couch and read 4 chapters of a Magic Treehouse book.
But Oh My Goodness! It makes it harder to shop, to drive down the road, even to quickly surf the web with her over my shoulder.
We were waiting at a car place yesterday for my inspection, and she picked up a Redbook and was flipping through it. I saw a couple of the article titles on the cover and took it away quick!
It's neat to see her world growing by leaps and bounds. She is very excited for 1st grade. Told me today that she expects to have "boxes" of homework.
We'll see. :)
Oh-and little Miss A-we were talking about kites this evening and I asked her what letter kite started with. She thought for a loooooong time. Surprised me. And proudly said, "K"!

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Grammy said...

Emma told me Sunday that she is going to help the teacher...and I no doubt that she will. I was reading a book Jason got me for Mother's Day years ago to Ally when they were here Sunday and it always chokes me up to read, so the last page I had Emma read...she never missed a beat. She is brilliant! And Ally will be as well as she loves to read too. Between coloring and reading, she chose reading. I am so proud of my angels! Love, Grammy