Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank Yous and More IQs

I guess the countdown has begun. It's August. The official school starting month. I need to get out of the funk I'm already feeling about the new school year. I am going to make the most out of these next few weeks, fill them with fun times and new memories, and wear these kids out! They'll be begging to get away from me by Aug. 25!

August 1st-a trip to the Children's Museum. We finally made it back down there after several failed attempts. It's still the same Sound Exhibit that we've seen for months now, but the girls love it. We actually played upstairs quite a bit more this time, in the craft area and the Tinkerer's Workshop. Miss A surprised me by working a wrench pretty well. She tightened a nut? bolt?...something... all the way down then loosened it and started another.
We eventually made it downstairs and made our way through the crazy chaos of a busy Friday.
Later on in the day we made a quick trip to HEB for a few things. Namely crabcakes. Miss E decided on the way home that she wanted these with dinner. I don't know how it even came up, really.
Anyway, along with the request was Tilapia and brussel sprouts. So off we go.
The entire time at the store, I'm getting Thank You after Thank You from Miss E. This is not unusual from her, but Man! She was just pouring it on!
-Thank you for bringing us to HEB to get crabcakes!
-Thank you for letting us taste the Ice Pops from the sample cart!
-Thank you for letting us buy some Ice Pops!
-Thank you for making brussel sprouts for dinner tonight!
and on and on and on!
In came more thanks for the museum trip, later at home more thanks for dinner, for allowing computer time before dinner, for sharing some of my crabcake, etc. etc.
Such a funny girl-and I feel like I can't take credit for the manners and genuine gratitude. MOST of the time, she's just naturally sweet!

IQs of the day:
On the drive back from the museum, the big girls (Miss E and bff Miss A)were tired, hungry, and played out. The giggles and sweet conversations from the drive down there were no more...and at one point I could tell from the changing tones of their voices that things had turned a bit 'snippy'. I couldn't tell what they were saying before, but I flipped down the visor and opened the mirror just in time to see E give a nod and a knowing look to Miss A, and say, "Look, your my best friend, and you always will be."
Awwww! Such a big lesson for a little girl!
All was well by the time we got home, and a sweet phone call from A later assured E their friendship is intact. :-)

And now my Miss A (I guess this could be confusing. Stay with me.):
Daddy had called earlier in the day and said he hoped to be home "early" (shortly after 8, he hoped) to see the girls, so we waited up after dinner for some playtime before bed. The girls love to hide and 'surprise' Daddy when he walks in. Their hiding spot of choice is usually the front room couch. So there they are, huddled together, covered in a blanket. Nothing but a few small telltale toes sticking out.
Miss A has a hard time containing her excitement and I can almost always hear her muffled giggles escaping from under the covers.
After several 'shushes' from Miss E, Miss A finally quieted down. I was posted as lookout, and after a couple of quick silent beats, I then heard another familiar noise (not a giggle) escape from hiding.
Miss A: (giggling) That was me tooting!
Miss E: (a strong whisper) Well, what do you say??
Miss A: (quietly. defeated.) Excuse me.
Miss E: (a stern whisper) Now be QUIET!

I had to leave the room. I thought that was such a funny exchange! And, I will say-I'm sorry if you don't enjoy reading about my tooting stories or potty humor-but if it made me laugh outloud while I was trying to doze off to sleep last night, I'm posting it!
This is just part of our daily beats. Esp. with my little Miss A. She's a horse of a 'nother color, marches to her own beat. And keeps me on my toes.
And this was true form for Miss E, too. Even in the urgency of their hiding, she still took the time to be Ms. Manners.


Mihills Family Blog said...

I, personally, love the humor!! I did raise 2 boys after all!!! You just can't have boys and not have that kind of humor...and obviously the same goes for girls!

Cute, cute story!! Both of these little great-nieces are precious!

Love to you all,

Aunt Debbie

Grammy said...

What wonderful stories and memories these girls are making. They are the sweetest and cutest girls ever! And so sweet to each other. There is something new and wonderful from each one of them everyday...Jenni, you will have to start writing them down when they happen. I loved reading this and will reread when I want to laugh out loud! Love my girls, Grammy