Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marry Me

Emma had her second gig as flower girl last weekend at cousin Mandy's wedding. Man, did she get the royal treatment! Starting off with a girl's day at the spa...Emma was pampered and got her first french pedicure! (I have pics of this on Mandy's camera. If I get them I'll add later) She and I went for pedi's one time before Kinder started, but this was the FULL treatment-a bubbly soak, foot and leg massage, and her adorable french tips! So cute! And I, holding the important position of "mother of flower girl", was also pampered with a pedi AND a full body massage! Ahhhh..... :)

The next day started off with hair appointments.

And 34 bobby pins later....

It was a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding. A gorgeous spring day. A bit breezy and threatening to rain, but we made it all the way to the reception before we got wet. And we did get wet, because by that time I was so exhausted I was just glad to be sitting down and eating that I really didn't even bother to move. The food was good and the company great-and what has a little rain ever hurt anyway? :)

It was EXTREMELY stressful trying to keep the kids off the rocky hills, the grassy knolls..., the wooded area, scolding them from running around and through the chairs so carefully set in perfect rows, from playing hide-and-seek in the bridal suite.
At one point I luckily overheard someone mention musical chairs.

"No WAY!" I said, just picturing the kids running and jumping for the chairs, spilling over, tearing their gorgeous dresses and mussing their hair!
So, one of them had the idea to 'pretend play' musical chairs.
I then witnessed the most hilarious thing of the day. 4 or 5 children, following each other in a tight circle, humming some sort of tune. Someone yelled "Stop!", and they all "sat" in the air, freezing on the spot.

They were playing musical chairs. With no music. And no chairs.
Classic. :)

It couldn't have been a better wedding. The bride beautiful, the groom very nervous!

Mandy was her usual, goofy, gorgeous self. We were so glad to be a part of her special day!

A few pics.

Great Grandparents.

Cousin Mandy.

Sweet cousins.

Oh-no pics of Ally, but she was also spoiled. Nana and Pops took her while Emma and I were away. She got a trip to the outlets, picked out some treasures, helped harvest tiny oak saplings from the front yard, went bunny hunting with carrots and peas (and found a bunny!), and had more priceless fun-it's not often she gets one-on-one time with her N&P. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Mihills Family Blog said...

The girls were absolutely beautiful!! I have their picture as my desktop right now. I love looking at it and I love the fact that they are such sweet friends!! I hope it lasts a lifetime!

Stefanie said...

how beautiful!!!! princess for a day...too cool!!!