Monday, April 20, 2009

Feed Me

(is it obvious I'm trying to hammer out some catch-up posts??) :-)

The girls and I were EXTREMELY excited to start our garden. After missing our scheduled weekend for the bed assembly because Daddy had to work, we mustered up our collective girl power and decided to do it ourselves!
I had two very eager assistants.

This is how Ally helped,

and then she off to play with Missy.

This is how Emma helped,

and I couldn't have done it without her!

Before we knew it, we had one ready to fill raised garden box!

this is mostly true...after seeing the (small!) size of our finished product, we decided to rethink our original plan. we decided to forgo the 12 inch height and get double the space. so-we needed daddy to dig up the grass in the area we were going to use, so we were sort of stuck until he could help.

BUT everything's been in the ground now for several weeks and so far we have several tomato plants, a few squash and zuccini, some green beans and maybe sugar snap peas?, and yellow and red bell peppers. I have spinach seeds and.....something else that we're waiting for fall.
We're just watering and watching right now! Can't wait to harvest something!


J. Nalley said...

Is that why my spinach didn't come up?? That was my only seed that was a no show in the garden. I thought it was time.

Jenn said...

I think spinach is early spring or early fall. Cooler weather plant. But doesn't take long to produce. I can't wait to try mine. I love a tossed spinach salad, and Emma will eat a bowl of it too!