Thursday, April 16, 2009

Call Me

A quick note-

Emma interupted me while working on the last post to ask-

"Mama, do you know who sings the song, "I Don't Even Know His Last Name"?

I'm wondering why, of course, and how in the world she knows this song, but I say yes, and tell her, "Carrie Underwood".

"Oh, good! I want that to be my ring tone when I grow up!"

First of all, ring tone??? Secondly, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing! Um, NO....WAY!! Ha!


The Mom said...

Like she will even know that song then! haha

Jenn said...

J-that's what I thought too...I think she thinks her "phone years" are right around the corner. lol!

J. Nalley said...

I hadn't thought about that! I guess I just assumed she should be 18 like I was when I got my first cell phone!!! haha