Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunshine and Rain

Sigh. Seems like Mother Nature is currently showing the story of my life. A quick tease of beautiful, shinyhappy kind of promises, quickly washed away by rain.
And not just rain, my friends, but storms.

High winds and hail.

Did I already say that? :(

I am always the ultimate, "chin up" "This too shall pass" kind of gal. But man, there's only so much, you know?

Today Jason's truck will be towed to the mechanic with promises of "very costly" repairs. Man. We'd suck it up and go to one vehicle for a couple of months, except for the fact that his truck is not just transportation. It gets him to the job, but it also hauls everything he needs to complete the job. A cab and a bed full of tools and supplies, usually backed with a trailer loaded with more.
It's his whole livelihood. And let me tell ya, lately it's not so lively in the hood.

Catch my drift??

I found myself searching the TEA website today to find out what all I need to do to update my certificate.

I go back and forth every single day on how much-is-too-much? kind of worries. Have I gone too far? Put the family in jeopardy just because I want to stay home with my girls? And then, "you can't buy this time! You cannot put a price on these precious years! My days are numbered, and I'm going to stick this out!"

I HATE to be so personal on here and I HATE to divulge so much.

But I need help. I NEED some prayers, some positive juju, SOMEthing to help me muster it up and get through this.

I love you guys! I know you're sending some well wishes my way. :)


Mihills Family Blog said...

Jenni, It's a really hard decision to make. You're only have so much time with your girls while they're small. I don't think there is any job as important as a mom and it's worth the sacrifice to be there with them. You have made memories that will last a lifetime. But, then, there's putting food on the table, too. I don't know the answer for you, but I do know that God provides and he will provide for you and Jason. You both are such good parents and your 2 girls are very blessed!! I love you, sweet girl!!


Jenn said...

Thank you, Aunt D. I feel your (((hug)))! :)