Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 3-Pancakes and a Surprise Swim

We're up and out early this day-off to Lago Vista to meet our playgroup for a potluck pancake spread. We arrive to piles of pancakes, and loads of toppings. I SO wish I had pictures to share....Emma topped her pancakes with 4 different colors of "princess" sprinkles. Ally opted for chocolate chips. At least Emma at her pancake-Ally ate her topping and left the rest for me to finish off. Which I happily did...after adding blueberries and raspberries and cool whip. Yum!
After filling our tummies and having some play time with friends, we had planned on visiting the city pool. Unfortunately, the summer hours had just changed, and the pool was closed! Fortunately....we were just minutes from a nice park and a beach entry to Lake Travis.
The girls had so much fun! They are not hesitant at all about getting in the water. Ally kept busy finding rocks toss, I kept busy keeping her face above water...and Emma was all over the place. Floating, splashing, collecting rocks, in and out, up and down, just as happy as could be. Hey, for Plan B, it was quite a treat!

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