Thursday, August 9, 2007

Take Your Kids to Work Day?

Apparently so, around here anyway. As a last ditch, "save my sanity" effort, I called my principal last night to see if I could bring Ally to work with me today. She has been pitching some serious fits the last week when going down for nap and bed, and I was desperate to find a solution. The only thing I could come up with that had changed in her sweet little life, was that I have not been around as much lately. I have had quite a few sub jobs the past few weeks, including 4 days in a row this week. So I thought, hey-maybe if I bring her with me, she'll calm down when going to bed?
Well, little Miss E woke up and came out of her room fully dressed about 5 minutes before I was out the door. She was very upset to see that I was going to work again, and broke down in tears, saying she wanted to go with me. She didn't know at this point that I was planning on taking could I say no???
So off we go, and a 10 minute drive and an 8 minute discussion on the particular behaviors we may witness, and how we should hold any questions until the end of the day later.....(I'm working in an Autism room) we arrive.
The girls did amazingly well. My littlest Angel even triggered an unprompted introduction from one kiddo in the class, complete with his full name and a hand shake! She didn't raise her sweet head from my shoulder though, until the bubbles came out. Boy, was she social then. She carried all three bottles of bubbles outside for recess, she got to swing, climb, and slide, and was SO happy to be with Mommy.
Emma was very polite, as usual, and lasted as long as she could sitting at a desk in the back of the room. She played with clay, drew a picture for her Daddy, ate snacks while watching a movie, then slowly ventured up to ask ("Um, excuse me...) one of the students if she could have a turn on the computer!
I was so proud of my crew, and am even more proud to say that Miss A went to bed with a loving "Goo Nite Mama", and no screams! No cries! Oh, Thank You, Thank You!!

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Mihills Family Blog said...

Sounds like you stay busy!! Just cherish these matter how hectic they may be. They won't be young forever!!

After grew up!

Love you all,

Aunt Debbie