Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We've come a long way...

from Emma's first day of preschool,

to her upcoming first day of "Big" school...we've come a long way. Emma and I visited her new school yesterday to register her, and take a tour
of the grounds. She sat very still and quiet while I filled out the paperwork. She was taking it all in. The big office, the other children waiting outside. Her new digs (http://plain.leanderisd.org/) are pretty fancy. And HUGE! I had an "Alice in Wonderland" moment when we looked down the first hall. This place is way to big for these little kiddos! Emma was not phased at all. She was full of questions:
-Will we still have "centers"? (this is pretend play type activity they did in preschool)
-Will I get to choose my own lunch, or do I have to bring food from home?
-Do we go outside for recess?
-Will we do real experiments with potions in our science class?
-Can I pack my bag when we get home?
-Are you going to be at my school all day?
(I had told her that I would come up and help sometimes, and I think she was worried I would cramp her style....!)

And finally, after all the questions, came one statement:
-I am going to take an apple to my teacher and put it on her desk every day, because teachers love apples!


ImBlessed2x said...

Oh that picture is aDORable!!

Jill said...

Can't wait to hear Kindergarten adventures! I'll compile it and make a handbook! :-)