Friday, August 17, 2007

Kountdown to Kinder-Day 10!

Emma has 10 care-free, schedule-free, teacher-free days left before she's off to Kindergarten. And she's going out with a Bang! We started off day 10 of our countdown with a trip to the local Sprinkler Park. We had some special visitors, too. Aunt Amy and crew came in to play for a couple of days, and we were going to show them a good time!
Even though we were the first ones there, nobody wasted any time getting wet.

These kids did not stop running until, well...ok, until the ice cream sandwiches came!

This was our "birthday event" for the kiddos with August birthdays in our playgroup. One mom brought ice cream sandwiches to share. My girls each had one (the boys didn't stop long enough to notice them!), then very conveniently ran back in the water to hose off!
Even sweet Mattie joined in. She crawled and splashed around, then took a little nap in the shade.

Ally....obviously she fell in the mud?? No one saw anything....allegedly...j/k. Really. She didn't make a peep. I didn't know she had fallen until she walked right up to me! She was as stunned as we all were!
Some more pretty pics I got...

And some neat ones my friend, J, took. Thanks, J!

Soooo...the kids are bushed and the day is done, right??? Oh, no! Soooo WRONG! We come home, the little ones take a 3 hour nap (!!), and we head off, sack dinner packed, to Radijazz! This place has it all! A "waterscape" with swans, ducks, and boats to climb on, and waterfall slides. A volcano (which ate, then spit out! my cell phone!)to jump/fall/sink into, or roll/slide/run down, and a tunnel area that my two have yet to brave....
Although we have no pics to document, we had a BIG time! The 4 big kids did not stop running, with the exception of a mandatory 20 minute dinner break, for 3 hours! Even Miss Mattie played, crawled into the volcano and around the rubbery water area. I seriously don't know how my two made it home still awake. I heard one cry of, "I'm not tiirred" from a certain Mr. C, then not a word from the worn out cousin crew. 9 more days to go till will we top this??

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