Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Monkey-in' Around!

Today we hosted our playgroup event. We are learning about the letter "M" this month, and planning events that revolve around letter "M" activities. We have had a Movie day, when we watched "Monster's Inc.", we've Made Music, we went to the zoo to see Mammals, :) and today we made Monkey Masks! We ate banana bread and banana pudding, to keep with the monkey theme, I found a cute monkey book that the kiddos loved, and we (I!) sang a silly monkey song. And there was a whoooole lotta monkey-in' goin' on!!
And since I was too busy "hosting" to take any pics, thanks to my friend M, for these shots!

Emma painting her "mask".

Fun times with Friends.


And I did snap this one later of Ally with her mask....can you hear her?? "And Why do you want me to hold this Monkey face up and say, 'Cheese'??"

We had some friends stay for almost 4 hours! What an awesome bunch!

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