Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 7-Jump, Eat, Play, and Jump Again!

WOW! What a Big day for the Keas girls. We started off meeting some friends at Ready, Set, Play! , a "15,000 square feet of fun!" indoor inflatable play place. We jumped, ran, climbed and slid for over 2 hours, and wouldn't have had a chance of getting the girls out of there if we hadn't been heading over to Gattiland! We aren't often in the area for all these neat treats, and seeing how today was the last chance before school to the hit the "Moms Eat Free" Monday deal....we couldn't pass it up. we're rounding up kids and shoes to leave for lunch....the playhouse employee kindly asks if we'll be needing our wristbands cut off, or if we will be returning later---turns out the admission is good for all day, come and go! After a quick shared "what the heck" glance, M and I agree to forget about naps, keep the bands, and make this a full day affair.

We make a quick jump across the interstate and pig out on pizza and the like, hit the game room till our key cards are empty, pick out a few cheapo, soon-to-be-lost-or-forgotten token trinkets....

....and head BACK to jump!

We open the doors, kids run in, and ....have the EnTIRE place to themselves! The six of us were really the only ones there! We went up and down the super-slide, piled on laps, on backs, head first, feet first, kids and moms alike, we slid and jumped and slid, and SLID some more!

At about 5 o'clock, we decided we should head home.

I don't know how Emma made it home awake. Ally passed out about 3 seconds into the drive. And was still ready for bed around 8. What a day!

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