Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 4-We 'heart' the Sprinkler Park!

Back again! Looking for something Fun and Free....this was an easy call. The girls never tire of this place! It's somewhat smaller even, than the Sprinkler Park we've used in years past, but it doesn't seem to matter. Ally has lost any apprehension that she may have had in the early summer, and is right behind Emma as soon as we enter, splashing, running, and filling buckets just as fast as she can.

After a quick lunch with friends, and a good nap for Ally, we got ready for Emma's open house. I had great plans for this night. It was scheduled as a "come and go" event, so I imagined a leisurely visit with Emma's teacher-who we are to meet for the first time, some exploring and familiarizing ourselves with the room and school, and maybe some paperwork to fill out for volunteering, transportation plans, etc.
WE arrive a little early. This is very unusual for us...maybe that's what threw everything off. We're waiting out front with a handful of others for the doors to open...and Ally promptly vomits all over herself! Sorry, guess I could have warned for content here...
Now Ally does this periodically. Or used to. The last time she had a problem was almost 3 months ago. I can't explain it. Something just sets wrong or triggers her super-sensitive gag reflex, and she vomits. That's it. No bug, no virus. Just one episode, and she's done.
I take her to the teacher's lounge to try and clean her up. I wash her hands and arms, her face, her shirt as best I can. I spray some generic room air freshener on her shirt, trying to mask the smell.
There's no masking the smell.
We breeze through the line to get our teacher assignment, find the room, and thankfully, there's only one other student at this time. Emma unloads her backpack full of supplies to her locker. She's very excited about the locker. Asking the teacher if she was going to move her locker or her supplies at any time, or change her name tag (I think she had cherries on it). Emma continues checking out the room, discovers a huge mailbox and asks the teacher what this is for. (for the students to send her letters, if I understand correctly) I start filling out paperwork. Sign up to volunteer, for the PTA, detail how Emma will be getting home, getting to school, will she bring lunch? buy lunch? will any of this info change after the first week?
As I'm feverishly trying to complete each important form, I'm very aware of an unpleasant, beyond the vomit. I'm pretty sure Ally has a dirty diaper. I try to nonchalantly check. Oh good, it's just gas. Niiiice. Now that the room is filling up, I can't get out of there fast enough.
And after a few hurried questions to the teacher, we make our exit. Emma is upset that she didn't get to stay longer, and that she forgot the letter she had already written to give to her teacher. I'm upset that I didn't have the reassuring visit that I so needed.
Oh, and needless to pictures. :(

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