Saturday, August 11, 2007

MudFest '07 (otherwise known as Chalk Bluff!)

I can't remember a year when there was so much rain. Yet, that's not what comes to mind when I think back on Chalk Bluff this year.

I remember this as the year of Emma rafting down the river for the first time!

I remember this as the year that we broke Ally from her precious passy!(and the year that she ate MY full helping of Grandmama's spaghetti. A very rare stress-free, bribe-free meal.)

This was the year of catching frogs. And flies for the frogs! And lightening bugs. And worms. Secatas and secata shells, beetles and roaches! Thank you Mr. C...

This was the year of making mud puddles splash up to our foreheads,

and of not letting a muddy river keep us from going in.

The year of arrowhead hunts!

And lots of bubble fun....

This was the year of a wedding. Of reunions. Of first-timers and loooong timers... :-). And of one Great (and awesome!) Aunt beating all odds and making the trip.

The year of slide shows, and t-shirts and tote bags! Oh My!

And this was the year of celebrating 50 years of our family and friends making the trip to Chalk Bluff, to show and share love. To keep an important tradition alive. To teach another generation about the simplicities of life, and nature, and just how to kick back and watch for awhile.
May we be so blessed to have 50 more!

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