Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 8-Fashion and a Fish Fry!

Emma and I left Ally and Daddy home to nap, and decided to brave the outlets on this crazy, last day of tax free weekend. She scored some cute fall shirts and a comfy pair of school shoes. Oh, and a neat little compact/brush combo thingy which she thinks she needs to keep in her desk....
We came home to a busy house. Grammy was over starting prep for dinner. She had cole slaw in the making, a chess pie cooling, and fish and shrimp ready to fry. Miss E had been requesting shrimp for several weeks now, and we found a good sale, so decided to fry some up with some of Daddy's catfish from Choke Canyon.
I promise you, the girl ate half a pound of shrimp! And would have kept going, had I not made her stop! AND some fish! AND hush puppies, green beans, then topped it all off with a Neapolitan ice cream come. THEN wanted pie!! Thank goodness I have one good eater, I'd go crazy if they were both finicky like Miss A. Yes, Miss A...played with her plate of yummy food as long as we let her....passed what she could over to big sis...then polished of a PB&J. What a shame..... :)

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